Y Calon y Ddraig


Once there was a land of Eternal Summer

where children ran free through tall grass and meddow flowers

Bards singing and harp sounds hung upon the breeze

We called this place 'Gwlad yr Haf ar Ynys Wen'

The Greeks called it 'The Hyper Borlean' that place where Neptune Sleeps

The slaves escaping Romman Hospitality called it 'Sanctuary'

You call it Britain (Corrupted from Prytain).






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Croeso & Welcome

Ŷ Pâw Lêw (The Lions Paw)

This Lions forearm has been a British symbol for Freedom and Resistance against Oppression for over 2,000 years.

Llaw y Llew ag darn or Llew Ronc, rhyddid yn y rhyfail ag sefydlog syth a gwir.

(Palm of the Lion and part of the Lion Rampant, free in the fight and standing upright and true).

Er Cofnoddwch y geiriau: ‘Rhyddid ag Gwrthsafiad oddiar Gorthrymder’ ag hyd cofnoddwch hefydhefyd y cymdeithais rhyddid ‘Y seren Wen'

Remember these words: ‘Freedom and resistance against Oppression’ remember also the ‘White Star'


The website has just been updated to make it load and run faster and we hope this is going to be an ongoing process.

Enclosed upon this website and presented in .Pdf & .Flash format are the following books:

Paw-Lew, (The Lions Paw)

'Sefyll ymhen Datgaddiad' ( Standing within Revelation)

Er Cof (Remembrance)

Hanes y Sang Royal (History of the Grail Genealogies)

The State of Injustice

Y Graal (The Grail)

The House of Mathrafal (Both versions)

(More to be included shortly)


This website on the whole projects a Nationalist Point of View within which we are all prejudiced through our unique points of perspective, it is only fair to state that not every person or every nation is Free from others therefore for some people and from within every nation we are all prejudiced through this uniqueness. My Nation of people who are the True and Legitimate Britons are not Free and until other Nations Stand within the Law as Lawful Nations to Recognize the the diference between Right from Wrong coupled with the recognition of the Rights relating to each and every Nation; that they may exist Free and Independent of each other then no Nation or People will be Free from the threats of Tyranny.

This website on the whole stands upon Fundamental issues Ascertaining and Pertaining to the Legitimacy of Law - (some may call that: 'the Sword of Justice') that along with Actuality with that being the Actual Truth (not Distorted nor Perverted - some may call that: 'the Word of God').

The website in part relates to the Histories and the Genealogies of the British (Brythig) peoples (now called: Welsh) our Kings, Princes and men with these few people being the Last Remnants of a Nation of British People; from within this some aspects of this website are clearly prejudiced.

(No Apologies for that since I have no Human Rights in Law - you cannot Pervert Justice through Prejudice and then claim it is Legitimate & Fair - can you?)

This website along with these histories and genealogies are nothing to do with England as a race or a Nation, nor does support the British Nationalists Party (BNP) within their point of prejudice relating to the color of a man's skin since clearly your DNA through the Male Gene defines your True origins therefore any individual whose father was indigenous to Britain is a Legitimate Briton despite their color (the same applies to every other country on earth with the indigenous being 'God Placed') whereas those others stand upon 'Invasion' which is a 'Fraudulently Claim' based upon the 'Rape of the Female Gene' coupled with 'Systematic' and 'Repetitive Mass Murder'

Attacks upon the Nation whose lands are Stolen through Mass Murder' all of which ultimately culminate within the act of 'Annihilation' - they along with all other Foreign invaders are 'Not Legitimate' nor are they 'Lawful'.


(This issue does not impact upon or relate to any foreign guests or visitors to this country since they have always been welcome as have all those other people Legitimatly seeking Sanctuary).

Please relinquish your prejudices prior to entering this site since if you cannot recognize my rights to retain my Nation’s identity along with any Hope of being set Free from English Oppression then how can you expect or hope to receive the same yourselves.


Humanity starts with a Sentient step towards understanding another persons 'Point of View'.


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