The vale of the Enslaved

We are in a similar plight my dear countrymen as the men of the 'Five Epochs' of the world

who languished many ages in 'Hell' long ago in 'Limbo patrum', 'the Vale of the Enslaved' continually

as God knows waiting for the day when they would see a brilliant light and when some Liberation

would  come to them with the birth of the 'Propherised One'.

From hour to hour 'Cymru' which once was 'Great' is expecting and learning, Day after day I may see it;

'My Hope is what is to come'.

Wrth/By: Sion Ceint (John Maylor mab Owain Glyndwr)                        







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A unique but damaged piece of canvass linking to an drawing of a 'Snow Flower De Lis'

The image above links you to a downloadable version of 'The Common Contract' in .Pdf

Castell Maylconium Deganwy (Castell Maelgwyn) it is also called the Castle of the Princes

Perceiving the Scale of the 'Mathrafal Scrolls' the linked picture relates approximately one third of the actual document.

Genealogies e xtending beneath the 'Sang Royal'

"Y Sang Royal"

'Canvass Fragment'



Our teacher walked this plane as a compassionate humane being expressing humanity through his actions, he was evolved enough to know that we are all equal in the eye's of God,
wealth is nothing to a dying man just a folly relating to the waste of his life chasing worthless tokens.

A sentient mind realizes that we are already standing within Revelation, that we are upon the Crux of Life - Be inspired and aspire to become what you are trully capable of becoming;
just remember evolution is a struggle and nothing is easy so do not fall or fail because of the prejudices or ambitions of others.

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