Do not accept the hand of your enemy and be guarded against that other hand.

Watch your flank and watch your back, ‘trust least of all those you know’;

Evil is everywhere and treachery is cheap whilst ‘Loyalty is Priceless’.


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Ŷ Pâw Lêw (The Lions Paw)

This has been a British symbol for 'Freedom and Resistance against Oppression' for over 2,000 years.

‘Rhyddid ag Gwrthsafiad oddiar Gorthrymder’

Presented in .Flash format is this complete copy of The probability of Impossibilities Occuring over the course of Time to Infinity (2nd Edition) it is Free to copy & save.

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The ambition of the divine strategy is to leave so little opportunity for your opponent; defeat is on the table before a foot is placed upon the field of battle. Absolute in perfection of every aspect of conception so resolute within the delivery that neither chance nor opportunity exists: ‘Control the moment’.

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