Keep your sword sharp and ready to hand
Prepare your mind for conflict every day
Hone your skills through the fluidity of motion
Be true to yourself so that you stand truthfully before others
Be aware of your surroundings and mindful of those around you
Readiness through preparation whilst aware of the possibility
Actuality is where you stand

                          Gan: C. D. J. Maylor © Hawlfraint 2007 (Ar ei Cadw Pob Hawl)







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Ŷ Pâw Lêw (The Lions Paw)

This has been a British symbol for Freedom and Resistance against Oppression for over 2,000 years.

‘Rhyddid ag Gwrthsafiad oddiar Gorthrymder’

Presented in .Flash format is this complete copy of The State of Injustice; The book relates to issues of Legitimacy within the Law coupled with the Truth in All Actuality. The book is Free to copy & save I Genuinly hope it Helps someone despite your situation Everyone deserves to allowed Justice without Prejudice.

Within the above 'The establishment of Legitimacy within the Law is Paramount since anything Less undermines the Legitimacy of Law'.

Nations like Goverments stand upon this one fundamental Point.

Dont underestimate the issues raised within this book since they affect you, your children and your nation.


‘I was Life
Born out of Love
          My mother held me in a velvet Glove
I am Destiny
Just meant to be
Forged by the pressures within life’s great sea 
I am War
Born out of Pain
          Crushed in the hand by the mental Insane’

By: C. D. J. Maylor © 2010 Hawlfraint (Ar ei cadw pôb Hawl)

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The State of Injustice

In preparation for war do not delude or deceive yourself with ambitions of winning plan to lose via the worst possible scenario because in this you will find wisdom

‘Every step you take should be deliberate’.

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